10ml / 3,5%

1010CBD PASTE – 10ml (3,5% CBD)

Applicator with a high quality decarboxylated CBD extract, without the BIO+   formula.
This 1010CBD contains 1000mg Cannabidiol (CBD), and less than 0.14% THC

Made from fully organic hemp.

The hemp used to make this product is fully organic and grown in Europe.
Critical CO2 extraction from female hemp flowers

 Dosing your 1010 CBD PASTE  is very easy.
The amount of 1010 CBD paste you would like to consume can be read from print on the syringe. This is divided and shown into milliliters. The area under your tongue is very efficient to use for CBD absorption. This is because it contains several small blood vessels. Press the desired content onto the finger and put the CBD paste under your tongue. Wait about a minute before you swallow the Paste. (for optimal absorption)

This product contains a negligible amount of THC, this means that it is completely safe to use even for children and pets. Also suitable for vegans.


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Cannabidiol-content:> 1000mg (3,5%)

THC content: <0.14%


From female hemp flower

The process

Weight 10 g

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