The Bio+ formula

The Bio+ Formula is a fully organic formula, created to enhance the efficiency of the CBD extract. Bio+ formula acts as a dissolving agent which is only made out of natural ingredients. This is a patented product.

Absorption rate

This formula improves the absorption of CBD by the body, in contrary to the commonly used olive and hemp seed oil.  1010 Bio+ CBD is up to 95% absorbed by the body, instead of the usual CBD products that are only absorbed by about 6 %to 12%. This difference has been measured by performing several lab tests, using blood samples to measure the difference in CBD concentrations. From this value, we were able to determine the absorption rates.

Increasing the terpene absorption

BIO+ formula binds the cannabinoids on a Nanoscale, because of this BIO+ functions as a transporter to the cells. Centrifuging the CBD combined with the BIO+ at 65 degrees Celsius ensures that all the terpenes fully bioavailable.

Added Terpenes

Terpenes are the compounds that make up the flavours and aromas found in a wide variety of plants. Aside from the terpenes that are already present in the CBD extract, the following 5 terpenes are added to the BIO+ formula: Mycrene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, A-pinene and Linalool

Benificial Components

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